Do you use Dog Walkers? Have them GPS Track your dog's walk.

Does your dog walker walk your dog for a full hour? Here at Flyde Pet Care Walking Services, if you paid for an hour long dog walk, that's what you get as a minimum. We exceed our pet owners' expectations every day. Call us on 07525 081948 or visit to find out more about our dog walking services.

Please note, we don't walk groups of dogs. Only dogs that live together walk together. We GPS track all dog walks and provide you with pics and statistics showing the route walked, the duration and distance covered after each dog walk.

You don't have to wonder what time your dog walker arrived at, where they walked your dog, or for how long.  The technology to make them accountable is here.  All they need is a Smartphone.  Make sure your dog gets the service you are paying for by asking your dog walker to GPS track your dog's walk and send you copies of the recorded data.

Honest dog walkers won't mind.  In fact, I have found this form of proof based evidence is increasing Fylde Pet Care's credibility and is enhancing our reputation.

Here's an example of an hour long dog walk in Stanley Park, Blackpool from earlier today.