Fylde Pet Care - Using Technology for Customer Peace of Mind

Welcome to Fylde Pet Care's first blog.

My Name is Toni Bennett.  I am proud to say that I am the founder of Fylde Pet Care Services.

My husband and I adopted a Homeless Hound call Loki in June 2016.  I wanted to see how unsettled Loki was when I had to work all day.  So, I put my old Fitbit Flex mechanism into a pill barrel and attached it to his collar.  I wanted to know how quickly he would settle and how much of the day he would sleep away.  I paid for a local dog walking company to walk him for one hour three days a week.  The Fitbit tracked his sleep, steps and active minutes.  It transpired that he settled down very quickly and slept lots which was a great relief.  But, to my horror, the local dog walking company I was using were not providing the services that I was paying for.  Loki never got an hour's walk.  Sometimes he was out for less than 20 minutes.  Worse still, on 2 occasions (within a 2 week period) he wasn't walked at all.  The dog walker frequently turned up late.  I found it all very distressing.  When they let Loki off the lead and he ran away, I decided I needed to care for him myself.  


My dog needed walking at lunchtime and I couldn't bring myself to trust another dog walking company.  Friends offered to help but I wanted a long-term solution to my problem.  Having always loved walking and hiking, I decided to set up a Pet Care Services company of my own and quit my part-time, sedentary job in a local accountants.  

I wanted to create a company that pet owners could trust.  I wanted to be able to give that person's pets my undivided attention throughout the duration of the visit (so Fylde Pet Care don't walk groups of dogs from different households).  I wanted to demonstrate to pet owners that my company performed the services required to an exceptionally high standard.  I wanted to give more rather than less.  In short, I wanted pet owners to be able to physically see what tasks were performed, how much time was truly spent with their precious pets, how their pets were treated and handled, etc.  

I decided that technology was the answer and could be used to give pet owners peace of mind.  The ideas started flowing:

  • Fylde Pet Care could text on arrival  
  • dog walks could use the GPS tracking function on smart phones as standard
  • a route map and stats showing the distance and duration would be generated for the pet owner
  • Flyde Pet Care could text an update on departure 

Those initial ideas now form part of our standard service.  I sometimes don't know when to stop.  So, Fylde Pet Care Services also have body worn cameras that can record every aspect of a visit or dog walking activity.  This service is offered at a small surcharge of just £1 per visit.  

I made a decision to exclusively deal with one household's pets at a time.  This is why our services cost a little more than average.  My aim is, and will always be, to exceed our clients' expectations on each and every visit.  I welcome feedback and suggestions from our pet owners.

I can hardly believe that my idea has become a reality.  Fylde Pet Care is now operational.  My team and I are now providing pet care services to households in blackpool and surrounding areas.   Very Important Pets are now the focus of our attention throughout each visit.  Honesty, transparency and a love of animals fuel our business and we pride ourselves in making you and your pets our priority. 

Our website is currently being developed and I am hoping that it will be online by 30th September 2016.  In the meantime, you can find out how we can help you care for your pets by emailing woof@fyldepetcare.co.uk or by calling 07525 081948 or 01253 273564