Puppy Care & Visits

Fylde Pet Care is full of puppy love.  Having a puppy or puppies in the house is a wonderful thing but it also comes with its responsibilities.  

Puppies need lots of love, affection and gently correcting if they are to become well-balanced dogs.  They can become bored and destructive if they are not given enough attention.  Their temperaments and behaviour patterns develop rapidly in the first few months and their habits become slow to change.

To nurture a well-balanced dog your puppy will need to be regularly fed, given plenty of cuddles, adequate playtime, house-training, short bursts of basic training and lots of sleep.  

You also need a cleaner for those inevitable accidents.

Our Puppy Sitters will stick to the same routines that you follow and use the same training words that you use.  We will add continuity to the work and training that you doing.  We will also love having the opportunity to watch your pup grow up into a friendly and social dog.

Let's not forget mum who also needs regular feeding.  As her pups get older, she will need some "me time".  We can give her a break by taking her for a short walk and by giving her time for a short nap whilst we entertain her puppies.

We offer both adhoc puppy care on an as and when required basis and permanent care solutions for your little one.

We understand that puppies require lots of care and attention.  We can help to care for your puppy when you can't be there. Whatever the reason, we are here to help.

Why not contact us now or arrange a free, no obligation visit to meet your puppy and discuss how we could help you to meet their needs.

Puppy Care Services

Drop In - £7.50 for 20 min visit

If your puppy is still very young he will need lots of sleep.  We will drop in for a 20 minute visit.  Whilst we are there we will clean up any accidents, feed your puppy, put out fresh water, play some games, have lots of cuddles and kisses and leave your puppy happy, content, settled and ready for some more sleep. 

Interactive Visit - £10 per 30 mins - £15 per Hour 

As your puppy grows it will need less sleep and more stimulation and activity.  Fylde Pet Care will visit and build training and social skills into your puppy's daily routine.  At the same time, we will continue to deliver the Drop In services above. When all vaccines have been given and your puppy is chipped an hour long visit provides time for a minimum 20 minute walk to be added to your puppy's  usual schedule. 

Extended Visits - £15 for the 1st hour and £12 per hour thereafter

If for any reason you require a longer visit, our competitively priced hourly rate means it won't break the bank.  Perhaps mum is starting to get aggressive towards her pups.  Or maybe your little one is poorly.  Whatever the reason, our extended visits are available to you if you need them.

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